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Our private premier indoor pickleball facilities are perfect for any weather! Unfortunately we are not offering open play options currently but we do have a facebook group to find a group to play with or SuperClinics to up your game! Scroll below to learn more or reach out to our Pickleball Coordinator for scheduling and pricing!

About Us

Check out some info and contacts for our Pickleball Coordinator Gary Moore! Gary has been heading up our pickleball operations since 2019.

Facebook Group

We unfortunately do not offer open play or single sign ups but Join our facebook group to find other players that are interested in group sessions!

Group or Multiple Player Session Signups

Interested in booking multiple or large sessions? Contact our Pickleball Coordinator using the information below to discuss scheduling and pricing!

Private Courts

Enjoy our professional courts with your group!

Super Pickle Info Flyers!

Pickleball Coordinator

Use the information below to reach our Pickleball Coordinator about multiple sessions and pricing!

Gary Moore


Phone: 614. 846. 8946


We are conveniently located in northern Columbus near Worthington at 6580 Huntley Rd, Columbus, OH 43229

The Pickleball facilities are on the north side of the building with it’s own entrance!

Super Pickle Fall Policies and Procedures

1.SuperGames Staff and Corporate Special Events have priority for session scheduling.

2.Open Scheduling for Fall Session 1 (Sept 1st – Sept 30th) begins August 18th.

3.Open Scheduling for Fall Session 2 (Oct 1st – Dec 23rd) begins August 21st.

4.Your selected time slot will be confirmed within 48 hours to give other players time to enter the lottery for that spot.

5.Prime time slots (evenings and weekends) may be limited to once a week if demand is high for that time slot.

6.If multiple groups want the same time slot, a lottery will be held.

7.PB Hosts will be given a door code access and security code if you are the first or last group of the day. The last group of the day will close the north parking lot gates. You have the responsibility of keeping the facility secure.

8.We have a select few of individual spots for open play sessions at the 2.5, 3.0, and 3.5 levels. Reach out to our Pickleball Coordinator for time slots.

9.SuperGames reserves the right to make adjustments to these policies as needed.

10.Securing play time in one session does not guarantee you that same in subsequent sessions. If there is a waitlist it will go to a lottery system.

11.All lessons and clinics must go thru Suzanne Berstein, our Pickleball Instructor, the courts cannot be used by outside instructors.

12.No outside food, beverage, non playing children or pets are permitted.


Have some questions about what additional options are offered? Here are some often asked questions to help!

  1. Q: Do you rent equipment? A: No we do not offer rental equipment
  2. Q: Do you have beverages at the facility? A: Yes we offer beverages for purchase
  3. Q: Do you offer sessions? A: Yes! Contact our Pickleball Coordinator for more information!
  4. Q: Is there open play? A: No but we offer group sessions and SuperClinics
  5. Q: Is there a way to find a group if I don’t have one? A: Yes! Check out Facebook Group to find others looking for players!
  6. Q: Do we rent both courts with our reservation? A: Yes both courts are rented with each session